Since 1856, Offenbach, Germany

Ludwig Krumm, founder of Goldpfeil, started a small workshop to manufacture high-class wallets and purses with his seven sons and five employees. Eventually they came to start to produce bags for men and women. Their products made of the premium materials were manufactured by the finest artisan. They received a reputation and many orders from aristocracy. In this way the name of Ludwig Krumm spread throughout Europe almost instantly.

Goldpfeil Quality
Uncompromising strictness

“Even with the latest technology, it is impossible to surpass the sensibility of artisan.” This is the idea that Goldpfeil has cherished ever since it was founded in 1856. In the case of Oxford series of small leather goods, we still collect the good raw bull hide from Europe and tan them in Germany.
The craftsmen repeat the work of rubbing the leather with original dyeing and wiping them off by hand to give out a distinctive two-tone effect. Finally craftsmen with outstanding skills called “Meister” carefully sew up the products.

−GOLD PFEIL− Golden Arrow

Even under the somewhat bulky name of "Ludwig Krumm AG Vereinigte Lederwarenfabriken Ludwig Krumm," as it was known during the first 74 years of its existence, the company had managed to become one of the world's most renowned suppliers of fine leather goods and travel accessories. Yet it was the "Goldpfeil" brand, registered on the 22nd of April, 1930, that became a powerful symbol for quality and reliability. Nowadays, the "Golden Arrow" train, long retired, only runs on special occasions - but its name still circles the globe in unabated glory with each Goldpfeil accessory.

Chronological Tables


The first chapter of company history is
written in Offenbach on the Main.


Only 25 years after the company was founded, it already has about 200 employees - expanding largely thanks to a growing demand on the British market.


More than 20 percent of all leather goods exported from Germany are manufactured by Goldpfeil. The accessories with the Golden Arrow are sold in 56 countries - and German cities witness the opening of the first Goldpfeil stores.


A new beginning after World War Ⅱ: Although 90 percent of the company's real estate is destroyed, production resumes. As early as 1950, the first phase of reconstruction has already been completed.


The first Dior handbag manufactured by Goldpfeil hits the market: The beginning of a wonderful partnership, in which French savoir vivre joins German quality craftsmanship.


A star is born: Only the best materials are good enough for the sporty elegance of a collection that bears the noble name of "Oxford." The finest leather, treated with the utmost care, an elaborate finishing process, and a timeless style are the hallmarks of this premium collection - to this very day.


A licensing agreement with Jil Sander brings two partners together for whom superior quality, exclusivity, and a definitive design are a matter of course.


In many of the world's most fascinating cities, Goldpfeil can be found in prime locations - be it Tokyo, Hong Kong, or Honolulu: The Goldpfeil stores are ambassadors of a unique lifestyle.


Goldpfeil becomes part of the international Egana Group. New collections emerge for a young, fashion-conscious clientele - Goldpfeil is ready to take off into the new millennium.


"Even with the latest technology,it is impossible to surpass the sensibility of artisan." Based on this spirit from the foundation of GOLDPFEIL,we sought for products with fashion.


The GOLDPFEIL fragship shop opened in Ginza.


The GOLDPFEIL shop opened at RIHGA Royal Hotel Osaka.
The GOLDPFEIL shop opened at Hotel New Otani Tokyo.


With GOLD PFEIL celebrated the 160th Anniversary,GOLD PFEIL fair was held at department stores all over the country.